Hawaii Property Management Agreement

Hawaii Property Management Agreement

Last updated May 27th, 2023

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Hawaii property management agreement allows property owners to hire an individual or a company to take care of their property on their behalf. The contract defines the responsibilities the hired representative must perform for the property owner. The agreement will define the manager’s compensation, which will often be a percentage of the collected rent or a regular management fee paid monthly or bi-weekly.


License Required? Yes. Most of the property manager’s duties are those of a broker, which requires a real estate license (§ 467-7).

Exceptions – A property manager does not require a license when they own the property they are managing, as long as they are not a real estate developer or buy property to avoid the state licensing requirements (§ 467-2(1)). Additionally, an individual employed directly by a single property owner as a caretaker or custodian does not need a license (§ 467-2(3)).

Verify a Managerhttps://mypvl.dcca.hawaii.gov