Delaware Commercial Lease Agreement

Last updated September 24th, 2021

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A Delaware commercial lease agreement is a contract between two (2) parties (landlord and tenant) that details the terms by which commercial real estate will be leased to the tenant. Unlike residential tenancy agreements, statutory law does not identify the provisions that must be included in a commercial lease, and the contract can be altered depending on the tenant’s needs.

Conditions such as the base rent, property expenses, subletting, renewal options, and the lease term must be considered and agreed upon before the document is signed. A well-constructed lease covering the terms of occupancy is essential in protecting the interests of each party in the event of a landlord-tenant dispute.

Lease Application – A lease application is used to gather a potential tenant’s personal and business information. It is also used to request the applicant’s consent to a background check.

Laws Title 25, Part IV (Commercial Leases)