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Florida Commercial Lease Agreement

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Updated on September 25th, 2021

A Florida commercial lease agreement is drafted by a landlord to define provisions regarding the leasing of commercial real estate to a business tenant. In the agreement, the parties will set forth conditions that determine their rights and responsibilities for the duration of the lease term. These conditions must be mutually agreed upon and written into the lease to be legally binding.

Florida statutes previously required leases to be signed in the presence of two (2) subscribing witnesses if the term is set for more than one (1) year. Since this requirement no longer applies, the parties needn’t be physically present when executing the lease, and the landlord and tenant can inscribe their signature electronically.

Lease Application – Completed by lease applicants to provide consent to a background check and to present their financial and rental history to the landlord.

Laws Title IV, Ch. 83, Part I (Nonresidential Tenancies)

Disclosures (1)

Radon – At the time a lease agreement is executed, or any time prior, the landlord must provide their tenant with a radon gas disclosure containing specific language as required by state statute.