Illinois Rental Application Form

Last updated June 22nd, 2021

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An Illinois rental application allows a landlord to gather information on potential tenants to evaluate their eligibility for a residential tenancy agreement. This form is given to each prospective tenant, who must then complete it in its entirety and pay an application fee. The fee covers the costs of background checks, which will reveal the tenant’s criminal, rental, and credit history. The application form includes information such as references, current residence, employment information, and income. The landlord will accept the most suitable tenant based on all the data collected.

Maximum Fees ($)

Application Fee – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Pet Deposit – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Security Deposit – Not mentioned in state statutes.

Realtor Version

Application for Lease & Authorization for Credit/Background Check – Provided by the REALTOR® Association of NorthWest Chicagoland, this rental application is used to collect a lease applicant’s background information and obtain consent for a criminal and credit check.

Download: Adobe PDF