Indiana Commercial Lease Agreement

Last updated August 24th, 2022

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An Indiana commercial lease agreement is a document used by landlords to set forth terms for the leasing of commercial (non-residential) property to a tenant. Statutes pertaining to commercial leases are, for the most part, absent from Indiana’s landlord-tenant laws. Consequently, the lease provisions will be heavily relied upon to determine each party’s responsibilities and rights throughout the duration of the lease agreement. Complex rental arrangements may best be conceived under the guidance of a licensed attorney. While not required, the parties are encouraged to notarize the document to guarantee its validity.

Lease Application – Used to collect the personal and business information of a lease applicant and to obtain their permission to conduct a background check.

Disclosures (1)

Disclosure of Structure in Flood Plain – If the lowest floor (including basement) of a commercial property is situated at or below 100-year frequency flood elevations, this information must be disclosed to the tenant in the rental agreement.