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Kentucky Rental Application Form

A Kentucky rental application is a form handed out by landlords to prospective tenants in order to gain an understanding of their eligibility for residential tenancy. This application form consists of sections that must be completed by the applicant such as personal information, current employer and income, past and present residences, banking information, pet and vehicle information, and personal references. The landlord will go through each application and select the applicant that is most fitting to rent the unit. Furthermore, the landlord may perform background checks on each applicant, as an applicant’s signature gives them permission to do so. A fee may be charged to the applicant for these services.

Maximum Fees ($)

Application Fee (No Statute) – State law does mention a maximum application fee landlords can charge an applicant.

Pet Deposit (No Statute) – State law does mention a maximum pet deposit landlords can demand from a tenant.

Security Deposit (No Statute) – State law does mention a maximum security deposit landlords can charge a tenant.