New Hampshire Move-in/Move-out Checklist

Last updated June 20th, 2021

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The New Hampshire move-in/move-out checklist is a written inventory of the condition and defects of a rental unit completed before and after a residential tenancy. After moving into a rental unit, a tenant has five (5) days to notify the landlord of any conditions or defects within the dwelling that require remedying, whether via the move-in checklist form or a written notice. The completed move-in/move-out checklist can be used by the landlord to record and hold a tenant accountable for damages that were not present prior to their occupancy, and in turn calculate repair costs that will be deducted from their security deposit. If a landlord deducts a portion of a security deposit, they must provide the tenant with evidence that they have applied the deductions towards the repairs in question, for instance by providing receipts, quotes, invoices, or bills of the supplies or labor costs. A move-in/move-out checklist is only deemed valid if both parties sign the document and agree to the results of the inspections.

Laws § 540-A:6 (b)