Connecticut Landlord Notice to Enter

Connecticut Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated April 24th, 2023

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Connecticut notice to enter is a document that a property owner must deliver in advance of their entry into a tenant’s rental unit. The notice should state the reason, date, and time for the entry, and the landlord’s information in case the tenant needs to reach them. Connecticut landlord-tenant laws do not impose a minimum amount of notice required for a landlord’s access to a dwelling, but 24 hours is generally assumed reasonable.

Emergency Access (§ 47a-16(b)) – Landlords may enter a rental unit without consent in emergencies.


No minimum amount of notice is specified by state law; it is only said that “reasonable” written or oral notice must be given. Tenants may not unduly deny a landlord access to the premises for essential or agreed-upon purposes, such as making repairs, providing services, or showing the property to workers or interested parties.

Statutes: § 47a-16