Iowa Landlord Notice to Enter | 24-Hour

Iowa Landlord Notice to Enter | 24-Hour

Last updated April 24th, 2023

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An Iowa 24-hour notice to enter is delivered from landlord to tenant before entering their rental unit. The notice should state when and why the landlord will be requiring access. Reasons could include repairing the premises, conducting inspections, or showing the unit to interested renters or purchasers. This legally required notice prevents miscommunications between a landlord and tenant and ensures they know what to expect.

Emergency Access (§ 562A.19(2)) – In emergency situations, a landlord may enter a residence without prior notice.


In Iowa, landlords must give 24 hours’ notice or more before entering a tenant’s unit. They must also only access it during reasonable hours, although state statutes do not specify an exact timeframe. The following are valid reasons for entry:

  • Property inspections
  • Showings to prospective buyers or tenants
  • Providing necessary or agreed-upon services
  • Providing access to workers or contractors
  • Providing agreed-upon or necessary repairs or improvements

Statute: § 562A.19

Right to Access

A landlord has the right to access a tenant’s unit without their consent in the following circumstances:

  • Under a court order
  • If the premises have been abandoned or surrendered by the tenant
  • If the tenant has been absent from the premises for over fourteen days (§ 562A.29(2))
  • If the tenant has not remedied a violation of the lease terms within seven days of receiving a written request for compliance from the landlord (§ 562A.28)