Kentucky Landlord Notice to Enter | 2-Day

Kentucky Landlord Notice to Enter | 2-Day

Last updated April 28th, 2023

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Kentucky 2-day notice to enter is used to inform a residential tenant that the landlord intends to enter the rental property. The notice indicates the date and time of the upcoming visit along with the reason for the landlord’s entry. It also states that if the proposed date and time aren’t suitable for the tenant, they should contact the landlord immediately to reschedule (the landlord’s contact details should also be provided in the notice.

Emergency Access (KRS 383.615(2)) – If there’s an emergency, a landlord may enter the rental property without their tenant’s permission.


Kentucky landlords must provide 2 days’ notice before entering the tenant’s property and may only do so at reasonable times of the day.

Statute: KRS 383.615(3)

Reasons for Entry

The landlord must have a legitimate reason to access the property. Kentucky landlord-tenant law states that the landlord may enter the premises in order to:

  • Inspect the dwelling;
  • Perform repairs or services;
  • Show the property to potential purchasers or tenants; or
  • Give entry to contractors or other workers hired by the landlord to perform repairs or services.

Statute: KRS 383.615(1)

Extended Absence

If a tenant is away from the rental property for more than seven days, the landlord can enter the dwelling when reasonably necessary.

Statute: KRS 383.670(2)