Maryland Landlord Notice to Enter

Maryland Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated April 29th, 2023

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A Maryland notice to enter is a letter sent from a landlord to a tenant to announce their intention to access the rental property. It’s generally used to schedule inspections, conduct repairs, or show the unit to potential tenants or buyers. The letter will state the reason for the landlord’s visit and specify the date and approximate time of their arrival. Maryland landlord-tenant laws don’t mention how much notice is required. However, providing at least 24 hours’ notice is considered standard.


While there aren’t any state-wide notice of entry laws, there may be local rules that landlords must follow before accessing the property. For instance, Prince George County requires landlords to provide 24 hours’ notice in all non-emergency situations (Prince George’s County Code § 13-155(b)).

Court Order & Abandonment

A landlord can enter and take possession of the property without notice in either of the following circumstances:

  • The landlord obtains a court order; or
  • The tenant abandons the rental unit.

Statute: Md. Code Ann., Real Prop., § 8-216(a)(2)