Missouri Landlord Notice to Enter

Missouri Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated May 1st, 2023

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Missouri notice to enter is provided to a tenant to notify them that their landlord will be entering the property. The document includes the date, time, and reason the landlord needs to access the unit. It also explains what the tenant should do if the proposed entry date is inconvenient and they’d prefer to postpone. State law doesn’t define entry requirements, such as the necessary amount of advance notice. However, landlords must always follow any terms of entry outlined in the lease agreement.

Illegal Activity

A landlord may enter without notice if the tenant allows the premises to be used as a:

  • Gambling house;
  • Brothel; or
  • Place to illegally possess, sell, or distribute controlled substances.

Statute: Mo. Rev. Stat. § 441.020

Abandoned Property

After a tenant has abandoned a rental property, the landlord can enter to remove or throw away the tenant’s possessions. Missouri law considers a property to be abandoned if all the following apply:

  • The landlord reasonably believes the tenant has vacated.
  • The rent hasn’t been paid for 30 days.
  • The landlord sends the tenant a written notice explaining their belief of abandonment (see § 441.065(3) for notice procedures).
  • The tenant doesn’t pay rent or respond to the landlord within 10 days of receiving notice.

Statute: Mo. Rev. Stat. § 441.065