New Hampshire Landlord Notice to Enter

New Hampshire Landlord Notice to Enter

Last updated May 24th, 2023

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New Hampshire notice to enter informs an individual that their landlord wants to enter the rental property at a specific date and time. No state law specifies a minimum notice period; however, the law does stipulate that a tenant may not reject access to the landlord if adequate notice is provided. A written notice will generally provide a timeframe for entry as well as the reason, such as repairs or maintenance.

Emergency Access (§ 540-A:3(IV)) – The landlord may enter the rental property without permission to make emergency repairs.


No state laws dictate how much notice a landlord must give before entry. The only stipulations are that the notice be provided and that the landlord enters at a reasonable time.

Statute: § 540-A:3, IV-V

Bed Bugs

If the landlord receives a bed bug complaint in a rental property, they may enter the premises without notice within 72 hours to handle the situation. If there is a complaint from an adjacent rental unit, the landlord must give the tenant a 48-hour notice before entry.