Oregon Landlord Notice to Enter | 24-Hour

Oregon Landlord Notice to Enter | 24-Hour

Last updated May 8th, 2023

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An Oregon 24-hour notice to enter alerts tenants that the landlord intends to enter the rental property. The entrance date, time, and purpose must all be mentioned in the notice. If the proposed time is not convenient for the tenant, they should contact the landlord through the contact info provided in the notice.

Emergency Access (ORS § 90.322(1)(b)) – The landlord has the authority to access the premises without prior warning if there is an emergency. If the landlord accesses the property in the tenant’s absence, they must notify the tenant of the nature of the emergency, the persons who entered, and the date and time of the entry within 24 hours thereafter.


According to Oregon law, the landlord must give the renter at least 24 hours’ notice before entering their home.

Statute: ORS § 90.322


In addition to emergencies, the 24-hour rule has a few exceptions:

  • The landlord may enter the premises if they have reason to believe the dwelling has been abandoned or the tenant has moved away.
  • To deliver notices permitted by law or the rental agreement, landlords always have the right to enter the property, but not the actual rental unit.
  • If the tenant asks for repairs in writing, the landlord can enter without notice to make those repairs within seven days of receiving the tenant’s request.
  • The landlord and tenant may come to a written agreement stating circumstances where notice isn’t required.