Virginia Landlord Notice to Enter | 72-Hour

Virginia Landlord Notice to Enter | 72-Hour

Last updated April 24th, 2023

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A Virginia 72-hour notice to enter notifies a tenant that their landlord needs to enter the property and specifies the date and time that access will be required. The document gives the state-mandated 72 hours’ notice required for any repairs, maintenance, or improvements to the premises not specifically requested by the tenant. No notice is required for most other purposes.

Emergency Access (§ 55.1-1229(4)) – In an emergency, the landlord can enter a tenant’s rental unit without permission or notice.


A landlord must give tenants 72 hours’ notice before performing routine maintenance that the tenant didn’t ask for. If the tenant reached out to the landlord asking for repairs, no advance notice is required of the landlord.

The landlord can access the property without notice, and the tenant cannot unreasonably refuse entry for the following:

  • Inspections
  • Agreed repairs
  • Agreed services
  • Showing the property

Statutes: § 55.1-1229