Nevada Commercial Lease Agreement

Last updated September 27th, 2021

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A Nevada commercial lease agreement is a document that binds two (2) parties together for the purposes of a mutually beneficial rental arrangement with regard to real estate for commercial use. The owner/landlord of the commercial property will receive rent payments from the tenant, who will conduct their business out of the rented property.

Due to the wide range of businesses that rent this type of real estate, commercial leases are often a lot lengthier and more complex than residential lease agreements. Once the document is signed, the parties are legally bound to it until the end of the term or until the lease is terminated by either party in accordance with any termination clause.

Lease Application – This form can be handed out to potential tenants who will provide personal and business information, rental history, credit history, criminal history, and any other pertinent information for landlords to choose a suitable tenant.

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