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Pennsylvania Rental Application Form

Pennsylvania rental application is designed for landlords and property managers to determine whether a lease applicant is deserving of a legally binding rental agreement. The applicant will be asked to submit a comprehensive report of their rental history, banking information, monthly liabilities, vehicles, and pets. Applicants may wish to provide evidence of their income and employment status by attaching a pay stub or statement from their employer. Upon receipt of the completed application, the landlord is authorized to investigate the applicant’s background by performing a credit history and criminal background check.

Maximum Fees ($)

Application Fee (No Statutes) – No limit.

Pet Deposit (No Statutes) – A pet deposit is a part of the security deposit which cannot exceed two (2) months’ rent for the first year and one (1) month’s rent for all subsequent years.

Security Deposit (§ 511.1) – Two (2) months’ rent for the first year; one (1) month’s rent for all subsequent years.