Alaska Property Disclosure Statement

Alaska Property Disclosure Statement

Last updated January 23rd, 2023

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An Alaska property disclosure statement is a multipage document that informs a potential buyer of the major components of a piece of real estate being sold as well as any defects, damage, legal issues, and/or restrictions that are currently affecting the property. A PDS form is completed by the seller of residential real estate prior to receiving a written offer to purchase from the potential buyer.

The importance of completing the form accurately is paramount, as the seller can be held liable for any issues not disclosed to the buyer prior to executing a purchase agreement, as long as the seller did in fact have knowledge of these issues. A property owner is not required to perform their own inspections nor are they accountable for defects not personally known to them. Furthermore, if the seller purposefully withholds information, they could be responsible for up to three times (3x) the cost of damages that result from the undisclosed issues.

Laws AS 34.07.010