Community Service Verification Form

A community service verification form is a document confirming that an individual completed volunteer hours at an organization. The form should include the name of the participant, the name of the organization, the dates of service and number of hours completed, their tasks performed, and the name, contact info, and signature of the supervisor.

Last updated November 27th, 2023

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Who Uses the Form

Community service verification forms are commonly used by schools and court systems, but they may be used by other institutions requiring confirmation of completed community service.

Educational Institutions

Many students volunteer for community service, whether it’s a school requirement or they want to strengthen an application to a college or graduate degree program. In order to prove they have provided services for a certain number of hours, they should have an administrator or supervisor of the organization complete a verification form.

Court Systems

Defendants are often sentenced to community service as punishment by courts of law and are required to work a certain number of hours/days/months as a volunteer. A community service verification form must be completed to confirm that they met their mandatory requirement.

What’s Included

A community service verification form is typically completed by the individual who supervised the volunteer’s work or another staff member or representative of the organization. The person filling out this form will need to enter the following details concerning the volunteer’s community service:

  • Participant Information – The individual’s name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • Organization Information – The name of the entity, the mailing address and, if applicable, the tax ID number (for non-profits and other tax-exempt organizations).
  • Community Service Activity – The first and last dates that the participant performed community service, the number of hours completed, the locations where services were performed, and a description of their tasks.
  • Supervisor Information – Their signature, the signing date, their full name and organization title, and contact information.