Identity Verification Form

Identity Verification Form

Last updated November 17th, 2023

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An identity verification form is a notarized document that is used to prove that a person is who they claim to be. The person will fill in some basic personal information, such as their name and address, and sign the form before a notary. After confirming the individual’s identity and examining their ID, the notary will complete and sign an acknowledgment.

When Notarized ID Verification is Required

To confirm that an individual is not using a fraudulent identity, the following may require notarized identity verification:

  • Banks
  • Loan companies
  • Utility companies
  • Schools


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Print Name: [NAME]
Last 4 Digits of SSN: [EMAIL ADDRESS]
Address: [ADDRESS]

I hereby represent that all the above information is true and accurate.

Signature ________________________ Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]


State of [STATE]
County of [COUNTY]

On this [DATE], before me, the undersigned notary public, personally appeared [SIGNER’S NAME], who signed or attested to the same in my presence, and presented the following form of identification as proof of his or her identity:

Driver’s License or Govt. Identification Card
U.S. Passport
U.S. Military ID Card
State Identification Card
Social Security Card
Birth Certificate
Other: ___________________________

WITNESS my hand and official seal.

Notary Signature
Title or Rank: [TITLE OR RANK]
Serial Number, if any: [SERIAL NUMBER]
My Commission Expires: [MM/DD/YYYY]


Acceptable Types of ID

When confirming an individual’s identity, the notary public will require government-issued identification. The following are generally accepted:

Accepted US-issued ID

  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • US Government Photo ID
  • US Green Card

Accepted State-issued ID

  • Driver’s License
  • State Photo ID
  • State Government Employee ID