Alaska Snowmobile/ATV Bill of Sale (Form 808)

Alaska Snowmobile/ATV Bill of Sale (Form 808)

Last updated January 4th, 2023

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The Alaska Snowmobile/ATV bill of sale is a state-provided form used for documenting the sale of an off-highway vehicle, such as an ATV or snowmobile. Alaska officially calls snowmobiles “snowmachines,” and states that they are required to be registered if they will be used anywhere other than privately-owned property. Off-highway vehicles other than snowmachines are not required to be registered, although they can if their owners wish.

Alaska Snowmobile/ATV Registration

Snowmobiles are registered in “seasons,” which span from Oct 1st to Sept. 30th of the second year. The owner can register for up to three (3) seasons (6 years). A snowmobile can be registered in the state with just these four (4) steps:

  1. Go to a local DMV Office;
  2. Bring a completed bill of sale, purchase order (if it was bought from a dealer), or a copy of the vehicle’s warranty card;
  3. Complete Form 812 “Title & Registration Application”; and
  4. Pay the necessary fee ($10 per season).