Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

An Alabama motor vehicle bill of sale records the transfer of ownership between a buyer and seller in exchange for cash or trade. It should include both parties’ information, vehicle description, and the sale amount. It is required that both buyer and seller sign the document to be accepted at a local Vehicle Licensing Office.

Last updated November 22nd, 2023

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How to Register (3 steps)

1. VIN Inspection

Complete a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) inspection. Form MVT 5-10 must be completed, which permits a government official to complete the inspection.[1][2] Bring the completed bill of sale to the inspection, as the official will need proof that the buyer is the true owner.

2. Go to a Licensing Office

A new owner of a new or used vehicle must register within 20 calendar days.[3] Travel to a nearby vehicle licensing office (view offices by county) and bring the following materials:

  • Title – The vehicle’s title (should have been signed-over from the previous owner);
  • Government-issued ID;
  • Bill of Sale – A bill of sale is required that is completed and signed by both parties. It should include the federally required Odometer Disclosure Statement.
  • Proof of Insurance – Liability insurance (will be verified through OIVS – bring the physical license card in case it can’t be found digitally).

3. Pay Fee ($)

Pay the required fee (see Registration File Information).
More information can be found on the Alabama Department of Revenue, License Plate and Registration Information page.

Vehicle Bill of Sale (Preview)

Alabama Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale