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Colorado Firearm Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on September 16th, 2022

Colorado firearm bill of sale reports the terms under which ownership of a gun is transferred between a buyer and seller. A bill of sale should be drafted to identify the parties, verify the purchase date, and provide a description of the weapons being sold. In nearly all cases, unlicensed firearms sellers must conduct the sale and subsequent background check through a licensed Colorado firearms dealer. If the gun is being purchased by a business, a background check is required for each individual intending to operate the weapon. Possession of the firearm cannot be transferred legally until the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has processed the background check. The firearm must change hands within thirty (30) days following approval by the CBI.

Conceal Carry Laws

Statute§ 18-12-105(2)

A concealed handgun may only be carried by individuals who have obtained a concealed weapons permit. To apply for a permit, the weapon’s owner must submit a Concealed Handgun Permit Application to the sheriff’s office in their county. The applicant needs to prove that they have sufficient firearms training and that they’re legally permitted to own the weapon. The applicant must also pay a licensing fee of $52.50, payable by money order or cashier’s check made out to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.