Iowa Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Last updated April 4th, 2022

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An Iowa firearm bill of sale is a document that is used to record a transaction between a buyer and seller of a handgun or long gun in the state of Iowa. This state does not require firearm registration, and neither party is required to use a completed bill of sale for anything other than proof of purchase. In Iowa, a seller of a handgun must check the buyer’s permit to purchase before completing the transaction. Once the firearm has changed hands, both parties can sign the bill of sale and finalize the sale.

Conceal Carry Laws

Statute§ 724.4 (Carrying weapons)

Iowa residents must have a permit in order to carry a concealed weapon. They also need a permit to open carry within city limits. The only instance where they don’t need to show a permit is when they’re openly carrying their firearm outside city limits. To be eligible for a non-professional permit, applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and have completed a valid firearms training course (as detailed in § 724.9). They can apply in person at their local sheriff’s office with a completed Application for Permit to Carry Weapons, a photocopy of their certification of firearms training, photo ID, and the application fee.