Illinois Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Last updated September 4th, 2022

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An Illinois firearm bill of sale is a document that is used to record the transfer of ownership of a firearm between a buyer and seller. In Illinois, private sellers are required to keep a record of the firearm sale for a period of ten (10) years from the date it was transferred to the owner. The record must include a description of the firearm, the serial number or other identifying info, and the buyer’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card number (or Concealed Carry License number). Illinois law requires a withholding period of seventy-two (72) hours before the delivery of a concealable weapon, and twenty-four (24) hours before the delivery of a long gun (i.e., rifle, shotgun).

Concealed Carry Laws

Statute – 430 ILCS 66/ – Firearm Concealed Carry Act

In Illinois, residents are required to carry a Concealed Carry License (CCL) in order to carry a concealed weapon. This license is separate from a Firearms Owner Identification Card. Applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years old, have a valid FOID card, and meet all qualifications as defined in 430 ILCS 66/25. To carry out the application process, residents must have the following:

  • Sixteen (16) hour concealed carry training from an Illinois State Police-approved instructor and certification thereof;
  • Valid state ID;
  • Valid FOID card;
  • Photograph of head and shoulders taken within thirty (30) days;
  • Proof of tenancy (for the previous ten years);
  • $150 application fee.

The applicant must create an Illinois State Police user ID and password on the ISP website. They can submit the above information and apply for their CCL. Alternatively, one can apply using a paper application by calling the ISP at (217) 782-7980, answering questions over the phone, and signing/initialing the paper application sent to them through the mail. The singed application must be sent back to the ISP with a photograph attached.