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Illinois Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on April 3rd, 2023

An Illinois motor vehicle bill of sale is used to prove that a vehicle was sold and that ownership has been transferred from one party to the other. It documents the exchange by reporting the sale date, purchase price, and the names and addresses of the parties involved. Also included in the form is a vehicle description consisting of the make, year, model, body type, mileage, and identification number. While not legally required, a bill of sale is fundamental in establishing the chain of ownership. It may come in handy when registering the vehicle or when attempting to replace a lost certificate of title. Sellers should be aware that a Seller’s Report of Sale must be filed with the Secretary of State immediately after releasing the vehicle to the buyer.

Illinois Vehicle Registration/Titling

Following the acquisition or purchase of a vehicle, the new owner will have twenty (20) days to register with the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State and transfer the certificate of title. The registration/titling process is as follows:

  1. The owner must prepare by ensuring they have the following items at hand:
    • Proof of insurance;
    • Proof of residency;
    • Proof of ownership, such as the original certificate of title and registration or the certificate of origin;
    • Bill of sale (if used); and
    • An Odometer Disclosure signed by both the new and original owner.
  2. Some vehicles may need an emissions test. Owners should review this webpage to see if the vehicle is subject to testing.
  3. Fill out the online Application for Vehicle Transaction(s). Alternatively, the owner can obtain the form from their local titling and registration facility.
  4. Visit a titling and registration facility and submit the aforementioned documents. While at the facility, the owner must complete a Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction form (not available online).
  5. Pay the registration and titling fees to complete the process. Temporary title and registration certificates will be issued and the owner’s official documents will be delivered by mail.