Massachusetts Boat Bill of Sale Form

Last updated February 2nd, 2021

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Massachusetts boat bill of sale is a form used by the buyer and seller of a vessel to generate written evidence of the purchase. It serves as proof of the terms negotiated between the parties and can be used to protect them in the event of future disagreements. The bill should include a detailed report of the vessel consisting of its manufacturing information, length, current title number (if any), and hull ID number. It should also state the amount paid for the boat, outboard motor(s), and trailer. Within fifteen (15) days of the purchase, the vessel’s seller must cancel their registration with the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

Massachusetts Boat Registration/Titling

Motorized boats operating on public waters must be registered with the Massachusetts Environmental Police. Additionally, any motorized boat that’s fourteen (14) feet or longer must be titled. Registration, titling, and payment of the sales tax must take place within twenty (20) days of the purchase. To title/register the vessel, the owner must perform the following:

  1. Complete a Registration and Titling Application.
  2. Gather the required documents as follows:
    • Proof of ownership – this may be the vessel title, manufacturer’s statement of origin, or previous registration;
    • Bill of sale;
    • Proof that the Massachusetts sales tax has been paid.
  3. Submit the application and registration documents to a local Massachusetts Environmental Police office.
  4. Provide payment for the registration and titling fees (see current fees).