Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Last updated March 7th, 2022

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A Massachusetts motor vehicle bill of sale is a document that serves as proof of a transaction between the buyer and the seller of a motor vehicle or vessel. In many cases, this form must be executed in order to allow the new owner to register and title their vehicle after the transfer. The mileage of the vehicle, a description thereof, the signatures of both parties, and the sales price must all be provided in the completed bill of sale.

Massachusetts Vehicle Registration/Titling

Those who have just purchased a vehicle from a private owner or a dealer will be required to get it titled and registered with the RMV before they can use it. New owners must carry out the following steps:

  1. Complete an Application for Registration & Title.
  2. Take the application to a licensed Massachusetts insurance agent, have it stamped, and take out an insurance policy.
  3. Obtain one of the following signed by the previous owner:
    • Previous certificate of title;
    • Previous vehicle registration and bill of sale (if older vehicle); or
    • Previous certificate of title and bill of sale if the title does not have space for the sales price.
  4. Visit a Registration Drop Off Center or make a reservation at an RMV Service Center.
  5. Complete Registration Drop Off Center Form if visiting drop off center.
  6. Drop off application, certificate of title, bill of sale (if applicable), proof of ownership (if bought from dealer), and proof of insurance.
    • If using drop off center, the new owner will submit the documents in person, wait for an email for payment of the fees and taxes, and pay the fees. A second email with directions for printable temporary plates can be expected after four (4) days, and the permanent plates/papers can be expected in the mail within seven (7) days.
    • If using an RMV Service Center, owners will have to show up in person, pay the fees and taxes, and submit their documents. If approved, they’ll receive their plates and certificate at the service center.