Minnesota Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Last updated December 5th, 2023

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A Minnesota motor vehicle bill of sale is an instrument used to record the purchasing of a motor vehicle. The document should contain the name and address of the buyer and seller, an odometer disclosure statement, the sales price, and a full description of the vehicle in question. Usually, the vehicle’s title can be used to transfer ownership; however, if certain crucial information is missing from the document, the deputy registrar’s office may require a bill of sale or similar document signed by both parties.

Minnesota Vehicle Registration/Titling

Following the completion of a bill of sale (if the parties opt to complete one), the buyer and seller will need to carry out the remainder of the vehicle transfer process. The new owner will not be able to use their vehicle until it is both titled in their name and registered with the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (procedure detailed below).

  1. The buyer must complete the assignment and application portion of the vehicle title and make sure the seller completes disclosure statements, and lists both the sales price and the date of sale.
  2. They’ll then need to visit a deputy registrar’s office.
  3. The following documents will be required of them at the office:
  4. At the office, they can pay the registration and titling fees, and the registration tax.
  5. The deputy registrar will issue plates and tabs to put on their vehicle and complete the vehicle transfer.