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Moped / Scooter Bill of Sale Form

moped / scooter bill of sale is a type of legal document that is given to the buyer of a powered, two (2) wheeled vehicle. Unlike motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are equipped with smaller engines, typically producing under 250cc. The purpose of the form is to provide the owner with a means of proving the sale was legal, and that they are the true and rightful owner of said scooter.

Moped vs. Scooter

While used interchangeably by many, the two host several differences. On the outside, they can be difficult to tell apart, as they’re both are two (2) wheeled, step-through rideable vehicles that are limited to non-highway use. Where they differ is in their speed; a moped is typically limited to under 50cc with a maximum speed of 28 mph. Some are equipped with foot pedals, where the rider can operate them like an assisted bicycle. Scooters vary in speed and size, are more expensive than mopeds. For simplicity, we’ll use the terms reciprocally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need a license for a scooter/moped?

The majority of states base their licensing requirements on the size of the engine, with 50cc being the most common level. GenuineScooters.com provides a useful 50-state scooter registration guide to see what one must do prior to riding a scooter where they live.

How fast can a scooter/moped go?

Mopeds (specifically) are limited to ~30mph unless modified by the owner. Scooters, on the other hand, are not bound by a standard limit, and can go significantly fast if a high powered model is purchased.

Where can you sell a moped or scooter?

Owners can go about selling their moped or scooter in two (2) ways:

  • Sell to a dealer – While you won’t get a great price, those in a pinch can bring in their moped or scooter to their nearest used motorcycle/scooter dealer for valuation. If the moped won’t run, or the dealer can’t get a good price by re-selling it, be prepared for them to turn down your scooter.
  • Sell online – Creating a digital advertisement for the scooter or moped is the recommended approach for getting top-dollar. The number of platforms you list on is up to you. A few popular options include CycleTrader, Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.