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New York Boat Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on February 4th, 2021

A New York boat bill of sale is a document that a seller and a buyer have to fill out once they’ve completed the purchase and sale of a motorboat. The simple, one-page document asks for a description of the watercraft, the signatures of both parties, and, most importantly, the purchase price. The price listed on this form will be used to calculate the sales tax. Furthermore, during the registration process with the DMV (listed below), the completed bill of sale will be used to prove new ownership when presented in conjunction with the reassigned title or previous registration document.

New York Boat Registration/Titling

In New York, all boats with motors must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV will also issue a certificate of title for any boat with a model year of 1987 or later that is longer than fourteen (14) feet and is registered in the state. To register a newly acquired boat purchased from a private seller in New York, the buyer will have to visit the nearest DMV office and submit the following:

At the DMV, the applicant can submit the above documents, pay the sales tax, and provide the registration fee (listed below).

  • Less than 16 ft. – $26.25
  • Above 16 ft. but less than 26 ft – $57.50
  • 26 ft. and longer – $93.75