New York Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Last updated May 5th, 2022

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A New York motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document that acts as a receipt for the purchase and sale of a vehicle between a buyer and a private owner. The form requires both parties to sign, at which point the sale is considered final. Furthermore, the seller must sign over the vehicle title to the buyer to formally transfer ownership to the seller. Once signed, the bill of sale can be used by either party to prove that the vehicle changed ownership and the payment was completed.

New York Vehicle Registration

In New York, there are two (2) ways to register a newly purchased vehicle: online and in-person (as described below). Individuals are required to insure their vehicle before registering, and registration must be completed within one hundred eighty (180) days from the effective date of the insurance policy.

Note that only registration renewals can be completed online. To register a new vehicle, the applicant will need to file their paperwork in person.

To apply for registration online:

    1. Obtain the vehicle’s Certificate of Title.
    2. Acquire insurance for the vehicle.
    3. Navigate to the DMV website.
    4. Use the DMV Document Guide to determine the required forms and documentation.
    5. Complete and submit all required forms online.
    6. Upon approval, pay registration fee.

To apply for registration in person: