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New York Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney

New York motor vehicle (DMV) power of attorney grants an agent the limited power to handle motor vehicle-related tasks in the name of a vehicle owner (the “principal”). The power of attorney (POA) is “limited” because the agent can only act on the principal’s behalf to register, license, transfer ownership, and title the vehicle specified in the form. It should be noted that a POA is not required for vehicle registration. To register a vehicle in the owner’s stead, the representative only needs to present a photo ID (driver’s license, learner permit, or state ID) and a copy of the vehicle owner’s photo ID at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and sign the necessary forms. The New York DMV requires that a motor vehicle POA must contain the POA’s date of issue, the agent’s name and address, the principal’s name, address, and notarized signature. Furthermore, the agent will be required to write “P.O.A.” next to their signature whenever they execute a document on behalf of the principal. Once the POA has been signed, it will remain effective until the vehicle has transferred ownership to someone else or the principal cancels it.

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