Pennsylvania Boat Bill of Sale Form

Pennsylvania Boat Bill of Sale Form

Last updated October 30th, 2023

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A Pennsylvania boat bill of sale is a receipt for a vessel that was sold in a private transaction between a buyer and a seller. The completed form includes the boat’s purchase price, date of sale, hull identification number (HIN), make, model, and year. Both parties will need to provide their contact information and signatures to complete the sale. If the vessel has a Certificate of Title, the seller will need to release ownership to the buyer by giving them the document with the assignment portion filled out and signed. In addition to the boat’s title, the bill of sale will act as proof that the purchase was completed and ownership was transferred to the buyer.

Pennsylvania Boat Registration/Titling

When a boat has been purchased from a private seller, the buyer will need to register it with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. If the vessel is titled at the time of purchase, has an inboard motor, or is at least fourteen (14) feet long and has an outboard motor, the new owner will also need to apply for a new title. Both registration and titling can be obtained by completing the following steps:

  1. Obtain the boat’s Certificate of Title, assigned to the buyer.
  2. Complete the Application for Pennsylvania Boat Registration and/or Boat Title.
  3. Make out a check or money order for applicable registration and titling fees payable to: “Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.”
  4. Submit the completed application, check, and a copy of the boat’s Certificate of Title to the nearest regional commission office or authorized issuing agent. The new owner will be issued a temporary boat registration so their boat can be used while their application is being processed.

Alternatively, the application, payment, and certificate can be mailed to the address below.

PA Fish & Boat Commission
Division of Licensing & Registration
PO BOX 68900
Harrisburg, PA 17106-8900