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Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

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Updated on March 7th, 2022

A Pennsylvania motor vehicle bill of sale is a type of receipt containing important information regarding the sale and transfer of ownership of a vehicle from a seller to the buyer. A bill of sale is not legally required for registering the vehicle in the buyer’s name, but the DMV strongly recommends completing one. This document does not constitute the transfer of ownership, but simply provides proof that the transaction occurred. The parties will still have to register the title of the vehicle in the buyer’s name with PennDot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation).

Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration

To complete the vehicle registration process after a private sale, the seller will have to execute the following steps within ten (10) days of the purchase:

  1. Obtain insurance;
  2. Sign the title with the buyer in the presence of a DMV agent;
  3. Present state-issued driver’s license;
  4. Complete Vehicle Sales and Use Tax Return/Application for Registration (only available at DMV); and
  5. Pay for the title transfer (fee is currently $51) and any sales tax.