Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney Form

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle (DMV) Power of Attorney Form

Last updated January 4th, 2022

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A Pennsylvania motor vehicle power of attorney is used to appoint an agent to handle certain vehicle assignments on behalf of the principal. These assignments include vehicle titling, registration, and other tasks completed with the DMV. A vehicle power of attorney authorizes the agent to handle these tasks for only one (1) of the principal’s vehicles. A description of the vehicle must be included on the form, as well as the names and addresses of both principal and agent. Only the agent has to sign the form, but it is recommended that the signature be acknowledged by a notary public so the DMV is assured of the authenticity.

Signing Requirements – None (Notarization recommended)

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Pennsylvania Secure Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (Form MV-POA) – To be used by a registered car dealer or a PennDOT-approved insurance company when a seller’s proof of ownership is being held by a lienholder or if the seller lost their certificate of title. Can only be obtained through Pennsylvania Automotive Association (PAA) or Pennsylvania Independent Automotive Dealers Association (PIADA).