South Dakota Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Last updated March 9th, 2022

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A South Dakota firearm bill of sale records the legal sale and purchase of a firearm between a seller and a buyer. Although permits are not required for purchasing or carrying firearms in the state of South Dakota, the parties may want to complete a bill of sale to keep for their records. The document details the date the transaction occurred, the purchase price of the firearm, the make and model, and the personal information of both the seller and buyer. By signing this bill of sale, the parties declare that they are not currently prohibited by law from buying/selling firearms in the state.

Concealed Carry Laws

Statute§ 23-7-7

In 2019, South Dakota repealed the law that required residents to obtain a permit to carry a concealed or open firearm. Although permits to carry a concealed pistol do exist, the state now allows permitless carry, also known as constitutional carry. Three (3) permits are available in South Dakota: Regular, Gold Card, and Enhanced. Each one enables the permit holder to carry a concealed weapon in thirty-one (31) states. In addition, Gold permit holders can carry in Wisconsin for a total of thirty-two (32) states, and Enhanced permit holders can carry in an additional seven (7) states for a total of thirty-eight (38). Furthermore, the Gold and Enhanced permits come with purchase exemption, meaning they do not have to pass through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) when buying a firearm. Residents can apply for any of the three (3) permits by following the steps below.

  • Complete Concealed Pistol Permit Application. This form is only available from the Law Enforcement Division in the county where the applicant lives (example: Minnehanna County Application Form).
  • A background check will be performed on the applicant. If they are applying for a Gold or Enhanced permit, a fingerprint background check is also required (a $43.25 processing fee will be charged).
  • Enhanced Permit applicants are required to successfully complete a qualifying handgun course (current list of course instructors). Proof of completion must be provided with the permit application.
  • If the applicant passes the necessary background checks, they will be asked to pay for their new permit: $10 for Regular, $70 for Gold, and $100 for Enhanced.