South Dakota Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Last updated July 5th, 2022

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The South Dakota motor vehicle bill of sale is a receipt for a private sale of an automobile or boat by the owner of the vehicle to the buyer. Both parties will keep this document for their records once the transaction is complete in case they ever need to prove the purchase occurred. Furthermore, the buyer will use the bill of sale to register the vehicle with the DMV. A motor vehicle bill of sale states when the transaction took place, the sale price, the VIN or HIN number, and information on the vehicle, such as make, model, and year.

South Dakota Vehicle Registration/Titling

After the sale of a motor vehicle, the seller will have to transfer the title of the vehicle to the buyer. The parties have forty-five (45) from the sale date to transfer the title, after which point a late fee will be charged every week. Once the title has been transferred to the buyer, they must register their vehicle by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the Application for Motor Vehicle Title & Registration (Form 1001);
  2. Gather the bill of sale, title transfer papers, proof of insurance, and driver’s license or state ID; and
  3. Bring all documentation to the County Treasurer’s Office and pay the appropriate taxes and registration fee.