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Alabama Employment Contract Templates

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An Alabama employment contract is a written agreement formed between an employer and a new employee. By signing the form, the employee accepts the terms by which they were hired, including their pay, job title, benefits, obligations, expenses, and time-off.

The form can be used for hiring employees with a known start and end date, as well as for those that are hired on an ongoing basis (known as being “at-will”). It is important to note that an employee’s “at-will” status does not override the contents of the agreement. For example, if the employer includes a provision that guarantees the employee their job if they hit a certain number of sales, they cannot fire the employee for any reason should the employee reach said goal.


Types (2)

Independent Contractor Agreement – Used for hiring a self-employed professional. Can be used for both one-time tasks and long-term projects.

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Subcontractor Agreement – Specifies the services a subcontractor will perform for the general/prime contractor that hired them.

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