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California Employment Contract Templates

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Updated on January 7th, 2022

A California employment contract is drafted at the start of the employee-employer relationship to specify each party’s rights and responsibilities. The contract’s purpose is to clarify the job’s expectations, including the employee’s duties, whether they are part or full-time, and if they’re to receive a salary or hourly wage.

While most workers have the right to end their employment without notice for any reason (“at-will”), the contract can be made to have a specific start and end date, thus obligating the employee to complete the indicated work term. Regardless of the type of employment, it is important that each party entering into the agreement review the contact terms and conditions to ensure they have a complete understanding of their implications.


Types (2)

Independent Contractor Agreement – Specifies the details of a work assignment given to an independent contractor by a client.

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Subcontractor Agreement – Drafted to ensure a subcontractor and general contractor uphold their duties during the course of a work assignment.

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