Human Resources (HR) Consulting Agreement Template

Human Resources (HR) Consulting Agreement Template

Last updated December 27th, 2022

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A human resources (HR) consulting agreement is a contract between an HR consultant and a client that spells out the terms of their professional working relationship. The contract exists primarily to identify the consultant’s obligations, establish conditions for payment, and protect the parties’ interests. Some contracts will include a retainer clause that calls for the client to pay a deposit in order to secure the consultant’s services in the future.


Human Resources (HR) Definition

While the term “human resources” can apply to the individuals who work for an organization, it generally refers to the department in a company that’s responsible for recruiting staff, increasing employee productivity, administering payroll, and managing various other facets of employment.

HR ensures that workers are adequately equipped to carry out their daily jobs. They are also in charge of fostering a positive workplace culture that draws and keeps skilled employees.

The Role of a Human Resources Consultant

An HR consultant is an independent contractor who advises organizations on matters relating to human resource management. They typically hold a bachelor’s degree in the field and have a strong understanding of the following:

  • Business communication
  • Business ethics
  • Labor laws
  • Payroll administration
  • Employee recruitment

Some consultants offer general HR advice, whereas others specialize in a particular niche, like developing training programs or educating employees on workplace safety.

Common Services Provided

Human resources consultants evaluate their client’s HR goals and suggest unique strategies and solutions to any existing issues. HR consultants are often tasked with reviewing human resources policies and programs to identify inefficiencies and ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws.

When hired by larger organizations, a consultant might work alongside the in-house HR department to provide an outside perspective on internal matters.