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Real Estate Consultant Agreement Template

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real estate consultant agreement is used to hire an independent contractor to provide real estate advice to a client. Depending on the situation and their expertise, the consultant may be required to give suggestions regarding the purchase, construction, renovation, or sale of property. The terms of the agreement will include the scope and duration of the assignment, the consultant’s compensation, the division of expenses, and any commission or retainer they may be entitled to receive.

What is a Real Estate Consultant?

A real estate consultant will most commonly be hired to advice regarding the purchase or sale of real property. They may also provide consultation services for the development and construction of properties. Unlike a real estate agent, the consultant will not list, sell, or purchase property in their advisory role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do real estate consultants need a license?

No. Individuals do not technically need a real estate license or degree to work as real estate consultant. However, being licensed will improve their profile and may be required to work for a firm.

Can any realtor act as a consultant?

Yes. Realtors can work as real estate consultants. However, they will need to avoid conflicts of interests in which they represent both the buyer and seller.

How much should real estate consultants charge?

The majority of consultants will charge an hourly rate. The average rate nationally is $42 per hour (source: ziprecruiter.com).