Nanny Contract Template

Nanny Contract Template

Last updated February 8th, 2023

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nanny contract is an agreement that presents the details of a nanny’s working relationship with a family. The document communicates the nanny’s duties and work schedule, their compensation, and for how long their services are needed. The parents can use the contract to relay everything the nanny would need to know about the job, like whether they will be living with the family, the special requirements of each child, and the emergency protocol and contacts.


What’s Included

  • Party Information – The full name and mailing address of the nanny and the family. The contract should also include the parents’ phone numbers.
  • Children Information – The name and date of birth of each child and any allergies the children have.
  • Services – An overview of the services that the nanny will perform.
  • Contract Term The start date of the client-contractor relationship.
  • Payment Details – The payment amount and method.
  • Work Schedule – The days and hours the nanny will provide services to the family.
  • Emergency Contacts/Protocol – The contact information of the individuals that the nanny should contact in an emergency and what actions should be taken.
  • Independent Contractor Status – A provision establishing the nanny as an independent contractor.
  • Signatures – The signatures of the nanny and the parents.

Why Use a Nanny Contract

Creating a nanny contract ensures both parties agree to the payment amount, work schedule, each party’s responsibilities, and all other terms of the working relationship. The contract serves as a reference point for how the nanny will carry out the job and what the client’s expectations are. Furthermore, a nanny contract is a legally binding document that can hold either party liable if they fail to uphold their agreed-upon responsibilities.

Nanny Roles and Responsibilities

A nanny provides child care when the parents cannot. The tasks a nanny might expect to carry out include preparing the children’s meals, transporting them to and from school, cleaning, cooking, and other day-to-day tasks.

Types of Nanny


  • Live-in Nanny – Live-in nannies, as the name implies, live in the family’s household and handle their children’s daily supervision and care.
  • Newborn Care Specialist – This type of nanny supervises newborns full-time for the first few months of their life and provides new parents information and advice on caring for a newborn.
  • Education Support Nanny – Education support nannies assist children with schoolwork and tutor them on academic subjects. These nannies typically have a degree or credentials in education or teaching.
  • Temporary Nanny – Temporary nannies are similar to traditional ones, except that they are contracted for shorter commitments, often to assist families during emergencies or periods when the parents are exceptionally busy.


  • Night Nanny – Night nannies supervise children, typically those that are younger or newborns, during the night and are often hired by parents seeking to minimize their sleep disruptions due to attending to a child during the night.

Nanny vs. Babysitter

While nannies and babysitters share similar duties in that they supervise children, nannies are typically hired for longer terms, whereas babysitters work on-call. Unlike babysitters, nannies tend to develop relationships with children over an extended period and generally have more experience or credentials in child care.