Salon Contract Template

Salon Contract Template

Last updated February 27th, 2023

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salon service contract is an agreement where a salon agrees to provide hair and makeup services for a client. Salons often use these contracts when their services are required for weddings or other special events. The date and location of the event, the services the salon will provide, and the compensation terms should all be outlined in the document.


What’s Included

A service contract such as this should include all the necessary clauses to ensure a beneficial working relationship between the salon and its client.

Party Information

The document must contain the names and addresses of both parties. If either the service provider or the client is a business, the entity name and business address should be provided instead.


The contract should detail the specific services the salon will be providing to the client. Additionally, the agreement should provide the number of people the salon is expected to serve and the location where the services will provided.

Contracts are usually drafted when the salon is providing makeup or hair services for the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Office parties
  • Photography sessions

Salons will often charge a higher fee for a bride than the rest of the wedding party. The contract should state if the service covers any touch-ups during the event.


A properly executed agreement will relay how much the client will pay the salon and the payment schedule. Many salons will charge a retainer or a booking deposit to secure their services, and the document should state whether this is refundable.

Some salons will charge extra if the services are to take place at the event venue and may charge an additional travel fee.


The contract should relay how the agreement can be terminated, stating the number of days’ notice and the consequences the canceling party may face if no notice is given.

Benefits of a Salon Service Contract

By signing a salon service contract, both parties become bound to its terms and conditions. This benefits both parties in several ways:

  • Expectations: By relaying the pricing, services, and timeline of the agreement, the client and salon will have clear expectations regarding their responsibilities and those of the other party.
  • Pre-Booking: A signed document means scheduled business for the salon, often secured with a booking deposit. The contract is also advantageous for the client, as they can rest assured knowing the services they require are reserved at the designated date and time.
  • Liability: A service contract will generally contain provisions that protect both the salon and the client against loss and damages caused by the other party.
  • Cancellation: The salon may protect itself from client cancellations by requiring an upfront deposit that it may choose to be non-refundable in case of any last-minute cancellations.