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Salon Client Intake Form

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Updated on May 26th, 2023

A salon client intake form is a document that new clients fill out before their first appointment at a hair salon. The form allows the salon to collect the client’s information, including their name, address, email, phone number, hair type, and any allergies, medication, or conditions that may make them vulnerable to having a reaction to hair treatments. It’s also common to include an acknowledgment by which the client agrees not to hold the salon or stylist liable for any adverse reaction resulting from their hair treatment.

Hair Salon Services

Most hair salons provide the services listed below.

  • Haircuts
  • Hair coloring
  • Hair styling
  • Chemical treatments
  • Hair extensions
  • Bridal services
  • Men’s haircuts and grooming
  • Children’s haircuts

To avoid undesirable results, it’s important for clients to disclose any known allergies, reactions, or contraindications prior to receiving services involving extreme hair manipulation, chemicals, or plant-based products, such as coloring, styling, extensions, and treatments.


What’s Included

The following information is commonly included in an intake form to collect the new client’s information and have them agree to the salon’s policies:

Client Information

The client will need to provide their name and contact information so they can be contacted regarding their appointments or for promotions and updates. The salon may also ask to know where the client heard about their business.

Client’s Allergies & Reactions

It is extremely important that the salon is aware of any possible adverse reactions the client may have to hair treatments and styling. Therefore, the client should be required to disclose any allergies they have, medications they take, or reactions they know of that put them at risk. A miscalculation can result in miscolored, damaged, or lost hair, as well as rashes or burns to the skin and worse.

Hair Type & Condition

To further ensure that services go as planned, the client will need to disclose the type and condition of their hair. This includes the hair texture, porosity, how healthy or damaged it is, and what their last treatment was. Again, this information will help the stylist avoid damaging the client’s hair or otherwise failing to give the desired result.

Client’s Acknowledgment

One of the more important reasons to have clients fill out an intake form is to obtain their agreement to receive services and not hold the business or service provider liable for any unsatisfactory result, as well as an acknowledgment that they’ve provided complete and accurate information.

The release and acknowledgment provide the salon with legal protection in the event of an adverse reaction due to a client’s undisclosed allergies, health or hair condition, or medications.

Cancellation & Payment Policies

The hair industry is prone to clients canceling or not showing up for appointments. Using an intake form, salons can emplace and enforce a cancellation policy that makes clients pay a fee if they don’t give the required notice before canceling or miss their appointment.

The salon can also make clear that clients must pay their bills in full when services are completed and what payment methods are accepted.

Client Signature

To be able to enforce salon policy and protect the business and stylists from liability, the client must sign and date the intake form. By obtaining the client’s signature, the salon will protect itself and be able to hold clients accountable if they refuse to pay in full as required.

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