Mississippi Employment Contract Templates

Last updated December 21st, 2021

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A Mississippi employment contract is a binding agreement between an employee and their employer that outlines the terms of their working arrangement. The contract relays the rights and responsibilities of both parties, including the employee’s work duties, pay rate, benefits, and permitted time off.

The employee may either be hired “at-will” or for a specific period of time with a fixed termination date. If the employee executes an “at-will” agreement, they will work on an ongoing basis until they are terminated or they leave their job. In Mississippi, neither party needs to give the other one notice of termination unless the employment contract specifies that notice is required.


Types (2)

Independent Contractor Agreement – An agreement between an independent contractor and a client.

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Subcontractor Agreement – An agreement between a subcontractor and a general contractor or other individuals authorized to hire subcontractors.

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