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Utah Employment Contract Templates

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Updated on December 6th, 2021

Utah employment contract is a form that details the conditions of employment and job responsibilities of a recently-hired employee. It is typically drafted after an individual accepts a job offer, allowing the employer to document the terms mutually accepted by both parties. These terms will cover the employee’s duties, financial compensation, hours of work, length of employment, benefits, and confidentiality obligations.

The contract will also state whether the employment period is fixed (i.e., starting and ending on specific dates) or if the employee is “at-will.” With an at-will arrangement, either party may terminate the contract at any time, so long as they provide the required amount of notice prior to termination.


Types (2)

Independent Contractor Agreement – Outlines the service arrangement between a client and a contractor.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument


Subcontractor Agreement – Establishes the conditions by which a subcontractor is hired to complete a specific portion of a larger contractual assignment.

Download: PDF, Word (.docx), OpenDocument