Arizona Immediate Notice to Quit | Irreparable Breach

Arizona Immediate Notice to Quit | Irreparable Breach

Last updated July 13th, 2021

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An Arizona immediate notice to quit is a document informing a tenant that the landlord intends on regaining possession of the rented property due to an irreparable breach of the lease and/or illegal activity committed on the premises. A tenant who has committed this type of breach does not have the opportunity to cure the violation. Their lease is terminated immediately upon receiving this notice and the landlord can file a special detainer to regain possession of the unit and recover damages (if any). Valid causes for lease termination under this notice to quit include, but are not limited to, the violations listed below.

Laws§ 33-1368(A)

Irreparable Violations:

  • Illegal discharge of a weapon;
  • Homicide (§ 13-1102, § 13-1103, § 13-1104 and § 13-1105);
  • Prostitution (§ 13-3211);
  • Criminal street gang activity (§ 13-105);
  • Participating in a criminal syndicate (§ 13-2308);
  • Unlawful manufacturing, selling, transferring, possessing, using or storing of a controlled substance (§ 13-3451);
  • Threatening or intimidating (§ 13-1202);
  • Assault (§ 13-1203);
  • Acts constituting a nuisance (§ 12-991); and
  • A breach of the rental agreement that jeopardizes health, safety, and welfare or involving imminent or actual serious property damage.