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Arizona 10-Day Notice to Quit | Material Non-Compliance

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Updated on September 23rd, 2021

An Arizona 10-day notice to quit for non-compliance can be delivered to a tenant who violated their lease agreement, instructing them to cure the violation or their lease will be nullified by the landlord. A material non-compliance is any violation of a lease agreement except those affecting health and safety (5-Day Notice to Quit) or irreparable breaches/illegal activity (Immediate Notice to Quit). A tenant who has committed a lease violation will have ten (10) days to cure the violation or their tenancy will be terminated and they will have to vacate the property.

Falsifying information on a rental application or lease agreement is also considered a material non-compliance; however, tenants who falsify information with regard to their criminal record, eviction record, or current criminal activity will not have the opportunity to cure the violation. The landlord may file a special detainer action (eviction suit) if the tenant does not comply with the notice to quit.

Laws§ 33-1368(A)