Idaho Immediate Notice to Quit | Illegal Activity

Idaho Immediate Notice to Quit | Illegal Activity

Last updated August 5th, 2021

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An Idaho immediate notice to quit is used to inform a tenant that they have seriously violated their lease agreement, and the law, by engaging in illegal activity on their rented property. This notice is reserved for illegal activity related to the unlawful delivery, production, or use of a controlled substance. Unlike other lease violations, an immediate notice to quit does not permit the tenant to remedy the breach of contract. The lease agreement terminates immediately upon delivery of the notice and the tenant must move out of the property by the date written on the document. Failure to leave the premises will result in an eviction suit, or “unlawful detainer action,” being filed by the landlord.

Laws§ 6-303(5)

Key Terms (§ 37-2701):

  • “Controlled Substance” means a drug, substance, or immediate precursor in schedules I through VI of Chapter 27, Article II.
  • “Delivery” means the actual, constructive, or attempted transfer from one (1) person to another of a controlled substance, whether or not there is an agency relationship.
  • “Production” includes the manufacture, planting, cultivation, growing, or harvesting of a controlled substance.